Premium Gainer. Strength. Gain. Rejuvenate. 30 Servings. 52g Protein per 2X Serving. 580 Calories per 2X Serving. 41g Carbs. No Artificial Flavors. Minimal Ingredients. Gluten Free. No Snowflakes. Premium Muscle Building Carbs and Protein. Efficient and Effective Muscle Fuel. Great At Anytime During the Day. Especially Useful As A Post Workout Shake. Recover Muscle Energy Quickly. Delicious Flavor. Great Mixability. Muscle Builder Provides The Perfect Carbohydrate And Whey Protein Formula To Recover Energy And Spare Protein For Tissue Growth. Muscle Builder Is The Prescription Growth Formula Meal Replacement For Those Looking To Pack On Quality Mass. Muscle Doesn't Grow In A Gym. It Grows In The Days Following The Gym, Provided You Are Eating Meals Consisting Of A Minimum Of 60% Carbs! With So Much Emphasis On Protein, The Importance Of Carbs Is Often Overlooked. Until You're Hungry And Exhausted, Muscle Tissue Recovers Its Glycogen (Carb Storage) And Protein Get Buried As Energy Rather Than Being Left To Repair And Grow Muscle. Ideally, You Should Be Eating 4-6 Balanced Meals Every Day Packed With Nutrients If You Want To Build Lean Mass. Not Only That, Bur If You Want Make Real And Impressive Gains, You Must Be Consuming More Calories Than You Are Burning As Energy. This Means, To Prevent Loss And Induce Growth, Your Intense Workouts Must Be Followed Up With Intense Nutrition For 48-72 Hours. This Is Just Not Possible With Food Unless You Can Spend All Day Planning And Preparing Your Meals. You Will Find Any Professional Who Is Making Real Gains Supplementing With Muscle Builder.