Free Gift Inside. Male Performance Dietary Supplement. 18 Tested Ingredients. 30 Servings. Our Biggest Test Stack Ever. New And Improved Mutant Test Includes Targeted Levels Of 18 Active Ingredients Featuring Clinically-Tested Testosurge, Zinc, Tribulus, And More-All Finished Off With Multi=Patented Absorption Enhancer Bioperine. Mutant Research Notes: Effects Of Testosurge (500mg) Supplementation On Strength...Hormonal Profiles. Zinc Contributes To The Maintenance Of Normal Testosterone Levels In The Blood. Selenium Contributes To Normal Spermatogenesis. Magnesium Contributes To Normal Muscle Function. Vitamin B6 Contributes To Normal Muscle Function. Vitamin B6 Contributes To The Regulation Of Hormonal Activity.


Suggested Use: As A Dietary Supplement On Training And Non-Training Days, Take 1 Serving Every Morning Upon Waking On An Empty Stomach With 8 Fl Oz (240ml) Of Water.


For California Residents Only. Warning: This Product Contains Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm. Warning: Intended For Healthy Adults' Occasional Use As A Dietary Supplement Only. Do Not Exceed Suggested Daily Use. Not Recommended For Children Or Pregnant Or Nursing Women. Read The Entire Label Before Use And Follow Directions Carefully; This Product May Not Be For You. Use Only As Suggested At Your Sole Risk. Do Not Use This Product For Longer Than 8 Weeks In A Row At One Time. Make Sure That Usage Is Followed By A 4 Week Off-Period. Maintain Adequate Hydration Levels During Use. Consult A Physician Before Using This Product If You: Are Increasing Physical Activity; Are Taking Any Medications; Are Under A Physician's Care; Have Any Ailments Or Conditions; Have Blood Pressure Issues, CVD, Kidney, ED Or Diabetes; Have Any Product; Ingredient; Or A Health Concerns; If You Suffer From Any Psychological Disorder And/Or Condition Such As Frequent Anxiety Or Depression. Discontinue Use If You Experience Any Negative Side Effects. Do Not Use If Packaging Has Been Tampered With. Store In A Cool, Dark, Dry Place. Contains A Desiccant Packet For Freshness-Do Not Consume. Store Out Of Reach Of Children

Mutant Mutant Test