A diuretic is something that increases how often you urinate. You may wonder why that would be useful, so think about this: your body stores pounds of water just beneath your skin. The Maximum Strength Diuretic Xpel from MHP helps you temporarily shed that extra water, with two major effects: First, getting rid of that water gives the perception of tighter skin, defining and maximizing the appearance of your muscles, perfect for competitions. Second, it helps you very quickly drop a few pounds for a special occasion. Losing weight quickly can be dangerous, but Xpel uses natural herbal ingredients and provides a specific balance of electrolytes to keep you healthy and maintain peak muscle performance. Specifically, this formula uses Vitamin B6 as both a natural diuretic and as an aid to replenish electrolytes lost with excess water. If you need fast-acting, temporary weight loss and muscle defining power, use Xpel

MHP Xpel 80 Capsules