Performance Hydration. 25 Calories per Bottle. 4g BHB Ketones. Introducing Keto Hydrate. How Do You Hydrate? Beer, Coffee And Holding Your Mouth Open To The Sky When It Rains Don't Count By The Way. Oh, And Research Has Shown That Those Sugar Filled Performance Drinks Made By The Other Guys Might Actually Be Dehydrating Your (Bummer). Introducing Keto Hydrate A Sugar Free And Caffeine Free Performance And Recovery Hydration Beverage Built With BHB (Ketones) (As Gobhb) For Energy, And Packed With 4 Vital Electrolytes That Promote Hydration And Support Muscular Performance. Drink Keto Hydrate Whenever You Need A Lift, Especially Before, During, Or After Physical Activity. Keto Hydrate, Energy and Hydration for All. Sugar Free and Caffeine Free. Keto Hydrate, Sugar Free And Caffeine Free Performance And Hydration All In One Naturally Flavored Ready To Drink Beverage.


Finaflex (Redefine Nutrition) Keto Hydrate 12 (20fl oz.) Bottles