75% Fat. 20% Protein. Ketogenic Meal Replacement Shake. 75% Fat, 20% Protein, Less Than 5% Carbs. Promote And Maintain Ketogenic State. Perfect Keto Meal When On The Go. Finaflex 100% Keto Food Is A Ketogenic Meal Replacement Shake Built On The Commonly Accepted Ketogenic Ratio Of 75% Fat, 20% Protein, And 5% Carbohydrates. Are You On Keto But Struggle To Find Options That Fit Your Dieting Needs? 100% Keto Food Was Built With The Ketogenic Dieter In Mind, Creating A Perfect Keto Meal That Can Be Used Anytime During The Day To Promote And Maintain Ketosis. Featuring A Formula Packed With MCT Powder And Whey Protein Isolate Creates A Smooth, Hull-Bodied And Delicious Keto Milkshake Every Time! 100% Keto Food Can Be Enjoyed In a Variety of Ways Due To the Versatility of the Powdered Drink Mix. If Mixing With A Spoon Or In A Shaker Cup, Mix Vigorously For 30 Seconds To Ensure Powder Is Fully Dispersed. For A Thicker, More Flavorful Shake, Mix with 6 Ounces of Water. For A Thinner, Milder Flavored Shake Mix With 10 Ounces Of Water. If You Prefer To Blend Your Shakes It Is Advised To Add The Liquid First And Then Add In The Scoop Of Powder To Prevent Powder Sticking To The Sides Of The Blender.