Train Harder. Recover Faster. 20 Servings. Alpha Recovery Plus With Exercise Inflammation Relief. Glutamine HCI. BCAAs. Electrolytes. Con-Cret Reinforced. From The Innovators of Con-Cret. Alpha Recovery Plus Is A Dramatic Advancement In Sports Supplementation That Promotes The Reduction Of Exercise-Induced Inflammation (EII) And Lactic Acid As It Enhances Recovery, Hydration, And Performance. Alpha Recovery Plus Also Includes And Effective Creatine Blend Of Con-Cret And Cre-Ester To Catalyze Better ATP Regeneration. Helps Reduce Exercised Induced Inflammation And Soreness. Assists In Reducing Lactic Acid. Helps Restore Electrolytes. Promotes Muscle And Joint Health. Stackable With Con-Cret. Gluten Free. No Calories. No Carbs. No Sugar. No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Sweeteners. Alpha-GEE Is A Unique Peptide Compound Conjugated From Various Essential and Conditionally Essential Amino Acids Found In Natural Sources.