Fenugreek. Blessed Milk Thistle. Cumin. Anise Seed. Coriander. Lemongrass. Dill Seed. All Natural Formula. May Support Healthy Lactation. May Increase Lactation Production. Loaded With 7 Different Staples Of Lactation Support, This Top To Bottom Lactation Supplement Is Synergistically Made To Enhance And Stimulate Milk Production. Milk Production Plays a Vital Role in Baby's Physical and Mental Development. Ensuring They Are Getting Potent Nutrient Density Is Only Half Of The Battle. The Rate That Healthy Babies Grow And Develop Can Be As Astounding As Their Appetite. During These Spurts, A Baby's Appetite Can Be Ravenous, Leaving a Mother Depleted at the Worst Possible Time. Switching To Formula Because Of Depletion Can Put Undue Stress On An Already Sensitive Digestive System. Help Protect Yourself With Bumped Up Nursing Support System. Vegan. Gluten Free. Soy Free.

Bucked Up Bumped Up Nursing Support